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Macomb Veterans Action Collaborative


If you or your organization would like to participate in the Macomb Veteran Action Collaborative or if you would like to attend a meeting please contact us for further information.


As part of our goal to assist organizations navigate through the VA Benefits and Services maze we have developed a series of flow charts to assist you. There are flow charts for each of the most common veteran benefit areas.


Before and After a Veteran Dies


Financial Empowerment

Education, Training and Scholarships


Utility Assistance 

Mental Health Services

Legal Services


Helpful Websites

The Right Connection:"The Right Connection" has been designed by the Macomb County Youth Council for use by Macomb County service personnel to assist families in locating free or low-cost community services.


Visit VA.Gov For general questions about all the benefits available to Veterans and for information on contacting the VA Regional Office or the John D Dingell VA Medical Center.

Additional Resources

Financial Coaching: Financial coaching services are offered at no cost to you. They can assist you in eliminating debt, building your credit, save for retirements, creating a budget and taking control of your finances. 

Macomb County Mental Health Nagivator Resources

VA Benefits Matrix   A list of benefits based on disability rating or Non service connected ratings.

Macomb County Veterans Circut Court Application  Application to enter Veterans Treatment Court

Free Tax Prep   FREE preparation tax site (state and federal) for income under $66,000 a year.  Once you sign in it and create a profile it will link you to HR BLock website but it is FREE.